Traditional TV

TV is still #1. The most-watched networks.
The most popular shows. The biggest audience.

Connect your brand to the right audience. Linear TV ad spends are not only a marketing mix must-have, they also continue to be one of the only consistently reliable tools in this ever-changing media landscape.

Align your brand with TV’s biggest shows and audiences.

Make no mistake, linear TV was, is, and will continue to be one of the most important channels for delivering optimal reach and engagement.

TV will always be one of the most integral components of your media plan. Industry data proves that TV continues to dominate consumer attention and fuels activity on digital platforms.

  • ++

    Adults spend more time
    with Live + Time-shifted
    traditional TV versus Streaming.1

  • 91%

    91% of TV viewing
    on cable
    is done LIVE.2

  • 80%

    80% of consumers
    trust TV ads when making
    purchasing decisions.3

The Power of TV

Traditional TV still reigns as one of the most trusted forms of advertising. The strength of the medium still delivers results.

It tells a brand story, creates recognition, and forges an emotional connection that influences purchase decisions and motivates consumers.


TV never looked so good

NYI allows you to integrate branded content directly with the most popular entertainment, sports, and live events. We strategically build media plans that cultivate a rewarding connection between your brand and their audiences – the way only TV can.

Linear just got an upgrade… Check out our new TV360 offering!

NYI’s newest capability – TV360 – powers your linear ad buys with data-infused media plans and conversion analytics across all three major media partners.

Proving your linear ROI just got a whole lot easier.

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