Audience One

Targeting 20+ million consumers across all screens – through one seamless platform.

Audience One is the easy solution to your simple (or complex) media buys. NYI’s data-driven, multi-screen platform allows advertisers to capture impressions whenever and wherever audiences are watching. Our team of strategists create end-to-end integrated media plans that turn engaged audiences into active customers. Best of all, your brand will benefit from our Data and Attribution insights across the platform to provide more informed media strategies and ROI reporting. All in one easy ad buy.

Now, TV means every screen.

Everyone’s watching everywhere from the screen on their wall to the screen in their hand. And Audience One reaches them all.


It’s all about impressions. A multi-screen media strategy that reaches millions.

Audience One creates a seamless, unified campaign that reaches audiences at every touchpoint, harnessing the strength of every screen to send audiences straight to your brand.

Connecting brands to
7.7+ million households1
20+ million consumers2
66+ million screens3
in the largest TV market


That’s the power of Audience One.



Sources: 1. Nielsen January 2021 NY DMA HH Universe Estimate, includes broadband only homes 2. Claritas 360, 2020. 3. Leichtman Research Group: Emerging Video Services 2020 and Nielsen January 2021 NY DMA HH Universe Estimate, includes broadband only homes.

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