Addressable TV

Target the Audience You Want to Reach

In this new media landscape, give your ads in the New York market a more significant impact by engaging active viewers with addressable advertising. Using hyper-targeted household-level data, you can make your TV campaigns about the person, not the program.

What is Addressable TV?

Addressable TV is an industry breakthrough, allowing brands to deliver different ads to different viewers watching the same program.

Through set top box targeting, advertisers can run a campaign during a specified time slot with creative they believe will be most relevant to the specific consumer, rather than a general ad for the whole audience.

Our data-driven platform accelerates performance by optimizing audience targeting, scaling efficiencies, and keeping a focus on improving ROI. This strategy has proven to work time and time again.

Advantages of Addressable TV Advertising

  • 01

    Deliver an ad to the specific households you want to reach

  • 02

    Reduce waste and maximize your budget

  • 03

    Target audiences based on thousands of segmentation variables

NYI offers brands two ways to deliver Addressable TV ads with greater attribution



Target households you’re looking to reach with multiple creatives that deliver relevant and relatable message

  • Access audiences across the full NYI footprint
  • Deliver an ad to the very HH you want to reach
  • Run different creatives in different HHs, if preferred
  • Target based on thousands of segmentation variables
  • Capitalize on return path data available for Altice, Comcast, Spectrum HHs

Impression-Based Addressable


Locate the precise households you want to reach, and deliver your message directly to them.

  • Reach households across the Altice Footprint (2.3 million households)
  • Optimize your budget, as your ad spending is based solely on impressions.

Did you know...

Consumers prefer seeing messages for products that are relevant to them.
Addressable TV gives advertisers the opportunity to dramatically reduce waste by eliminating exposures to consumers not interested in their product or brand.
Addressable TV will be able to increase ROI by allowing brands to focus on measures that go beyond viewership and frequency.
Smaller advertisers who may not be interested in full programming buys across the market can buy a fraction of the overall program.

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