Data is at Our Core

Infinite Data, Infinite Possibilities

Our platform is only as good as the data that powers it. That’s why we capture and synthesize the most sophisticated, robust data sets in the industry. We harness these insights to develop a three-dimensional picture of who your audience is and formulate strategies to target them.

We precisely measure cross-screen metrics with privacy-compliant protocol to quantify results and create analyses that inform future campaigns.

Find. Deliver. Report.

The TV landscape is complex. Audience One makes it easy.



Identify audiences using:

  • Household addressable, geography, audience segment, viewership, and IP targeting
  • Proprietary TV viewing data
  • Client 1st party data
  • 3rd party data



Campaign execution through:

  • Data-driven media recommendations
  • Audience reach, whenever and wherever they’re watching
  • Distribution across multiple platforms



Performance and Attribution:

  • Sales conversion
  • Location data
  • Website visitation
  • Brand health study
  • Tune-in conversion
We know audiences because we have the right data.


Exclusive Proprietary TV Viewing Dataset

  • Set-top box data, subscriber info, audience insights, and household characteristics
  • TV Ad Exposure data from Altice, Comcast, and Charter



Client / 1st Party Data

  • Create a matched list with advertiser CRM / 1st Party Data  (ex. sales data)



3rd Party Data

  • Top-tier providers like Experian, LiveRamp, Polk, IRI, Nielsen and more, who are forward-thinking and complement our own data.
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