Data is at Our Core

Infinite Data, Infinite Possibilities

Our platform is only as good as the data that powers it. That’s why we capture, synthesize, and act on the most sophisticated, robust data sets in the industry. We harness these insights to develop a three-dimensional picture of who your audience is and formulate strategies that effectively target them. Then, we precisely measure cross-screen metrics to quantify results and create analyses that inform future campaigns.

(Note: We hold privacy in the highest regard; as such, our data is completely privacy-compliant.)

Set-Top Box Data

Born from TV. Evolved to optimize performance.

Sampled data is obsolete. The campaigns that prove most effective are based on data that is authentic, accurate, and actionable. Our 6+ million set-top boxes dive deeper than any TV platform on the market, measuring tuning behavior at every single household and deriving valuable intelligence that draws a direct line between brands and their audiences. In short, we know who is watching what and when, allowing us to deliver your ad to the right households on the right networks and at the right time.

IP Data

Digital targeting. Reinvented.

As the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for millions of homes across the New York market, NYI is uniquely positioned to deliver relevant, targeted brand content via digital devices. Our IP technology continuously (and anonymously) maps IP addresses with audiences, creating a truly end-to-end digital solution that not only refines, but redefines, the online user experience. This IP data greatly increases efficiency, reducing wasted impressions while boosting reach and frequency.

Third-Party Data

Unifying data to gain results.

We're data obsessed, so it's only right that we partner with other reliable, top-tier data providers who are as forward-thinking as we are. We complement our data with those of trusted vendors like Experian, Acxiom, Epsilon, and Neustar to create performance-maximizing campaigns that are based on only the most fundamentally accurate and incredibly comprehensive data sets that exist. Furthermore, we continuously look for ways to deliver brand value via reporting, by integrating our data to generate insights like conversion analyses, which offer a holistic picture of campaign ROI.