On-Air/Off-Air Promotions

Go beyond the 30-second commercial.

Utilize our on-air and off-air promotions to give your campaign a higher level of exposure that raises awareness and builds buzz.

TV Sponsorships

Become the local sponsor of some of the most popular programs that audiences are watching. When you sponsor a program, your brand message ends a tune-in commercial with your logo and an audio “tag” saying that the program is “brought to you locally by (brand name and tag line).”

Special Events

Extend your media campaign off-air by driving traffic to your store with a highly-publicized special event. Our Marketing Team has extensive experience in creating and executing high-profile events that increase attention and bring customers right to your front door!

Integrated Promotions

Strengthen your media buy with promotional opportunities that combine both on-air and off-air initiatives. For example, utilize a 30-second ad to drive viewers to a customized website where they can enter a contest to win fabulous prizes or trips. We’ll work with you to create a promotion that connects your brand to your customers in a whole new way.