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Spot Submission Guide

2024 Broadcast Calendar

Copy Specifications

All orders, tapes and copy instructions are to be sent by deadline. NYI only accepts High-Definition commercials.

Commercials can be received via the following content providers:

  • Extreme Reach, Comcast Ad Delivery, Yangaroo, Hulu, Spot Genie
  • For Extreme Reach delivery, contact your sales rep directly.
  • Download the Spot Submission Guide for tech specs and upload instructions. Contact traffic with any questions.


Copy Instructions should include:

  • Client Name, Product Name, Estimate #, ISCI Codes, Spot Descriptions, Start and End dates, and primary contact information


Once received, instructions are matched to the client contracts via Estimate and product codes.

Creative can be mailed to:


System Name
Market Wide – Tri State NY DMA
Altice Addressable Only
New Jersey
NYC, Long Island, Westchester/CT
News 12 Full Ring
Spectrum News NY1
Advanced Platform
Comcast Advance
Altice Advance
Spectrum Advance


Air Date Deadline
Monday Thursday, 11:00 am
Tuesday Friday, 11:00 am
Wednesday Monday, 11:00 am
Thursday & Friday Tuesday, 11:00 am
Saturday & Sunday Wednesday, 11:00 am
  • Please Note: All Traffic departments will be on accelerated deadlines for holidays.
  • If you are using Visible World, Addressable, Digital, or Enhanced Advertising, deadlines are 5 business days prior to air. Advanced Notice Required.
  • Zone-level executions are available. Contact your sales rep directly for more information.


We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out to any contact below.