Video Now

Deliver your brand’s message to viewers anytime, anywhere.

Television viewing habits have changed dramatically in recent years. Viewers are now watching their favorite shows wherever they have access to a screen—big or small.

Find your audience. Anywhere.

For advertisers and media buyers, this new era brings with it more opportunities to reach and engage with viewers.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to interact with audiences wherever they’re watching content, whether it’s on cable, OTT or VOD. Video Now does just that, allowing TV subscribers to access content across multiple platforms (including TV, mobile, tablets, computers and video game consoles).

We help brands capture audience attention and drive deeper brand engagement for an experience that amplifies influence.

How Video Now Helps Your Ad Campaigns Grow

  • Allows brands to reach audiences at-home and on-the-go
  • Provides greater engagement, which means greater ROI
  • Establishes the ability to modify a campaign while still in-flight
  • Offers more targeting, measurement and attribution opportunities

Video on Demand

Your brand’s message, on their time

Our VOD content is controlled, enabled, and consumed by a viewer though their set top box. When viewers turn to on-demand channels, they’re giving you their undivided attention, actively watching, listening, and focusing on what you have to say. The best part? VOD content is available (and viewed) around the clock!

This is a captive audience. It’s time to captivate them.

On 70+ Live Programming Networks
(Return Path Data Available)

Live Streaming

Live streaming refers to the real-time broadcasting of any type of live video over the internet.

Since viewers can watch live TV anywhere, we’re able to access inventory across multiple media providers and networks via CTV, mobile and desktop platforms. Plus, having authenticated viewing allows for a fraud-free environment for more accurate viewership reporting.


OTT reaches audiences through Full Episode Players (FEP on a web page or app and often includes multiple ad breaks throughout the streaming video content.

Our authenticated inventory is available through CTV, mobile and desktop platforms across our partner MVPDs and ISPs.

Discover how Video Now can help find the audiences you’re looking for.

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