Audience One

Targeting 20+ million consumers across all screens through one data-driven platform.

Audience One is our data-driven, multi-screen platform that allows advertisers to capture impressions whenever and wherever audiences are watching. And best of all, you can now benefit from our Data and Attribution insights across the platform, allowing for more informed media strategies and ROI reporting. All in one easy ad buy. Let our team of marketers and strategists create end-to-end integrated media plans that will get audiences to sit up and take notice.

From traditional TV to the latest in digital technology, we have it all

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A multi-screen media strategy that makes all the difference

Now you can create a seamlessly unified campaign that reaches audiences at every touchpoint — and harnesses the strength of every screen to guide audiences further along the customer journey.
Don’t just take our word for it. Independent research from leading organizations all come to the same conclusion: TV and Digital work better together.

  • 60%

    When TV works in conjunction with digital, ROI increases 60%1

  • 80%

    TV Influences online brand search by up to 80%2


1. Advertising Research Foundation, 2016. 2. FastCasual, 2017.

That’s the Power of Audience One.
That’s the power of NYI.

Plus, we can take your messaging to the streets!

Extend your campaign off-air by driving traffic through highly-publicized special events and activations that make a lasting impression. Together with our network partners, we execute brand-centric events that increase attention and attract new customers.
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