Everyone’s on YouTube.
Your brand should be, too.

The world’s largest video platform has your audience. Dynamically target them on the most brand-relevant videos found on YouTube, in a completely brand-safe environment.

How it

  • Targeting & Scale – Delivers precise video content targeting on the world’s largest video platform
  • Curated Video-by-Video – Inventory is limited to premium studio-approved content & the top 5% of YouTube videos
  • Reach – Connect with over 5+ million people in the NY market1

1. Monthly estimate based on Claritas 360 NY DMA population and internal U.S. reach of digital provider.

Built for Brands

Brand Safety

Video and content targeting in a highly-selective, curated environment

Brand Relevance

Every video analyzed to determine context for brand relevancy

Brand Reach

Our proprietary model forecasts views and impressions to effectively scale the reach of campaigns

Brand Intelligence

Gain full transparency into campaign performance with post-campaign insight reports

Find out how to get your brand in front of the right YouTubers.

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